Concurso Spelling Bee - Regulamento

Picture of Prof. Vítor Oliveira
Concurso Spelling Bee - Regulamento
by Prof. Vítor Oliveira - Friday, 31 May 2019, 9:25 AM

FINAL STAGE- years 10th , 11th  and 12th



Eligibility: The Students who have passed stage one of the spelling competitions will attend the final, according to the  calendar

Prizes:  The winner of each category will receive  a Certificate of Achievement. 

Decisions: The panel of judges consists of members of The English teachers’ department.  All decisions made by the judges are final.


1. The pronouncer announces the word to be spelled from a list of words, previously selected by the judges, and unknownto the students. He speaks slowly and clearly, without distorting the normal pronunciation of the word and uses the word in a sentence. 

2. The speller listens carefully to the pronouncer and asks for the word to be repeated if necessary.

3. When the speller is sure he understands the word, he spells it loudly enough for the judges to hear it. 

4.The judges determine whether or not the word was spelled correctly. If the correct spelling was given, the speller remains in the competition. The students who misspell the words are eliminated.

5.Then the pronouncer reads a new word to the next student. 

6.  When there are only two spellersleft, if one player misspells a word, the other player must spell that word correctly. If he/she also misspells the word given, both will remain in thecompetition and a new round begins. 

7. The competition ends when one of them fails and the other gets the spelling right. He/she  will then be declared the winner of the Spelling Bee in the category.